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Cold War Essay: Challenges Waiting In Writing Process

Writing a Cold War essay has its own great interests, yet there are unique challenges awaiting for you in the process! This subject is as substantial and debating as an essay topic, so is contradictory. This means you will have to be ultimately cautious both to avoid certain pitfalls and mention some facts, which are necessary to mention. First of all don’t let the hindsight interfere with your perspective. This means you should always avoid stating that events turned out the way they had to and there was not other possibility of turning the process of world history. Even though the Cold War is long time ago over, try to put yourself in the shoes of people at those time.
After the World War II, two major world giants the Soviet Union (at those times USSR and now Russia) and the United States tried to “litigate” the position of the dominant power in the world! Even though there were no tanks and warships fighting and leaving behind thousands of troop corpses, a real war was going on between these two powerful countries. The reason was perhaps that USSR was trying to spread its communist ideas in Europe and Western countries, while the United States was proclaiming American democratic ideology to the whole world. Whose ideas were correct and fair the history showed, and now, when the Soviet Union no longer exists, while the United States are developing and promoting their democratic ideas through wider and wider areas, we cannot but look at the events from the right angle. You can write about the facts, which showed the Soviet ideology would sooner or later collapse. Such an event can be considered the crushing of the Hungarian Revolution, which is thought to be the first signs of the eventual dissolution of the Soviet Union. On the other hand, this event, which took place in 1956 can be observed as a proof of the USSR strength and power as it had further successes later.

When writing your essay on this interesting yet responsible subject, you can phrase the fact that “Western Capitalism” not only survived, but is also developing nowadays. Yet, never forget the red menace for the world called the Soviet Union at those times simply ruled the Earth!

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