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Beauty Definition Essay: A Matter Of Genetics And Instincts

When composing beauty definition essay, one has to go deep in his considerations. Such an essay topic can be overviewed from different angles. Yet the most relevant base for beauty apprehension is considered one’s conscious and subconscious based on instinct level. Our environment and genetics are responsible of how we see and accept the appearance of the others’. Our environment dictates what is considered beautiful and what not. Particularly this is proved by the existence of fashion. The latter can make a simple statement that for instance short hair look great on women, and women around the world almost immediately start cutting their hair to look beautiful. So great is the impact of the dictators on the way we understand beauty.

In your essay you should touch upon the matter of accepting beauty as sexual appeal. Particularly sexual attractiveness is considered the human beauty nowadays. In this point we again come to state that our genetics is greatly responsible for appreciating one’s sexual beauty. Every human being is gifted with the instinct of furthering his race. Sexual attraction plays a major role here. For instance a male is considered beautiful or attractive with broad shoulders and strong body. This look of a man is considered sexual or beautiful right because subconsciously such a look is healthy and strong, hence appropriate for continuing human race. The same can be said about females. A woman with large breasts and wide hips is greatly appreciated by all men. Such women are considered beautiful and sexually appealing as they can become perfect sexual partners and healthy parents. Other genetic features, which make one beautiful in our eyes (again having the matter of good matches for developing human race in basis) are white teeth, good hair, white eyes, red lips and cheeks etc.

Anyway, personal opinion plays not a small role in beauty apprehension. Something that is beautiful for us may be not for others. Yet, in all cases this personal opinion is again linked with our base instincts and genetics.

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